The Asgardian Prophecies: The Black Quasar

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ISBN: 9781457535437
224 pages

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Charles grew up with his mother in a small Oklahoma town, where he is known as a freak and a nobody. The fact that his dad is believed dead, and his best friend is the town drug dealer, doesn’t help him much. But that all changes on the day of his fifteenth birthday, when the guy he has thought was just a family friend shows up demanding that Charles is told the truth about his life and his world; his mom isn’t his mom, his dad was once a member of Odin’s guard (the Odinites) and is now possibly a traitor, and Charles is not named Charles. But his name is Magnus, and he is the prophecy child.


About Charley Swanda and Amber Daniels

We are a brother and sister writing team from a small Oklahoma town. We have both written different things all our lives, ranging from music and short stories, to poetry. We are both avid readers of multiple genres’.



Fifteen years later. Earth

It always starts the same way, there is a coliseum or arena, it’s made of crystal or ice . . . I have nothing to compare it to. Then a chant starts up in the background; From Odin’s own womb comes black and blue. If they reunite there will be a fight. The wolf will break free and Ragnarok forever will be. So bring black to light, return blue to an Odinite. All hearts will then sing and peace to Midgard the act will once again bring.


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